Health Alert: Vaping is Linked to 19% Higher Heart Failure Risk!

Higher Risk of Heart Attack for E-Cigarette users
Higher Risk of Heart Attack for E-Cigarette users. Credit | Getty images

United States: The American College of Cardiology confirmed the worry as a follow-up study found a 19% higher risk of cardiac arrhythmias in the population that takes vaping in comparison to the community who do not.

About study details

The researchers, by using surveys and health records collected from more than 175,000 patients and electronic databases in the ongoing study conducted by NIH, explored whether people diagnosed with heart failure were among those who use e-cigarettes.

The decision estimates that more than 3,200 participants with heart failure were taken care of throughout the median detain period of 45 months, as per the report.

Nicole Saphier Marks’s opinion on “Fox And Friends Weekend” was that it’s honest, as you can see. It is a wonderful story, given that sometimes we ask for this study to point out so to the person in question.

Dr. Saphier described, “On one hand, it [vaping] is a little bit better [than traditional cigarettes]. However, let’s think about what vaping is. It still has the nicotine. We know nicotine has direct effects on our blood vessels. When you decrease the elasticity of your blood vessels, that puts more stress on your heart. So, it’s not surprising that if you are still consuming nicotine, it will affect your heart. But on top of that, you’re also vaping new chemicals. You’re creating chemicals that are now going into your lung,” as Fox News reported.

“Popcorn Lung” Disease and E-Cigarettes

Visual Representation of “Popcorn Lung” Disease. Credit | Adobe Stock

As Dr. Sandie notes in her recent papers, e-cigarettes were viewed to be healthier in the past than regular cigarette smoking.

Contrary to popular perception, more recent studies indicate the connection of electronic cigarettes to a disease termed “popcorn lung,” which can exhibit lung damage that manifests as the destruction of air sacs in the lungs.

She said, “I certainly don’t recommend it for everyone. Maybe it’s a good stepping stone to get off traditional cigarettes, but for long-term, absolutely not. It is detrimental,” as Fox News reported.

Targeting of Younger Audiences

Marketing campaigns in past years for vaping have featured language that appeals to younger audiences. The message has been one of attracting product by touting flavours such as fresh cotton candy, sweet marshmallows, and bubble gum, as direct as the long running ads of the past.

Dr. Saphier said, “A lot of marketing efforts campaigned for it… It’s like they want our youth to be damaged,” and, “We’re really trying to restrict some of the advertising. I mean, at the end of the day, people have to know the truth about the dangers of vaping.”