Government Aid for Michigan Farms in Avian Flu Study Launched

Government Aid for Michigan Farms in Avian Flu
Government Aid for Michigan Farms in Avian Flu. Credit | REUTERS

United States – Michigan will provide financial support to farmers who help the government investigate the avian flu cases, the government said on Tuesday.

Aid in Avian Flu Investigation

In the announcement, MDARD stated that USD 28,000 per farm in financial help will be available and given to up to 20 farms. The department added that at least 25 dairy cow herds in the state have been infected with the bird flu already, as reported by The Hills.

This statement remarked that farmers are required to cooperate with the department and the Veterinary Services of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service on their epidemiological research on farms. Farmers must also engage in real-time longitudinal studies research on dairy herds with MDARD and Michigan State University.

Support for Dairy Farmers

“We understand our dairy farmers are facing unprecedented challenges, and this action is an important step toward supporting them during this emergency,” MDARD Director Tim Boring said in a statement.

He said that the farms affected by bird flu have been highly compliant in their efforts to prevent the avian flu.

Advancing Scientific Research

“The research opportunities through this package will help us advance science in real-time to best develop our continued rapid response,” he added.

The H5N1 bird flu has been affecting livestock in the U. S. and three dairy farmers and two of them were infected in Michigan. The agencies like CDC has continued to insist that the public health risk still remains low, as reported by The Hills.

Last week the Department of Agriculture mentioned that 92 dairy cow herds in 12 U.  S.  states have tested H5N1 virus.